Want a special Boerboel. Get an Atomic Boerboel!

Welcome to Atomic Boerboels. We have been raising and breeding South African Boerboels for more than a decade. They're our hobby and passion. However, we do take it seriously and exercise the utmost discipline in our breeding practices, which has led to the magnificent Boerboels in our lineup. In addition, our dogs are considered family members and are cared for accordingly. You will not find better Boerboels, nor will you find Boerboels as unique and/or as special as ours.

Undisco 2
South African Mastiff StarChild II: 155 lbs. of the best possible boerboel. Bow down!
Bengal: A beautiful young tiger brindle bitch
South African Mastiff Mutha-Ship: A simply breathtaking bitch @ 160 lbs
South African Mastiff Impressive, robust, and unique

Is a Boerboel for you?

Boerboels, AKA South African Mastiffs, are large, powerful, and imposing working dogs. They are intelligent, easy to train, reliable, and have plenty of personality. A Boerboel makes a great companion, a wonderful family and property protector, and the best guard dog available. Do not be fooled by their size, they are not a lazy breed at all. In fact, they have plenty of endurance and stamina to always be ready to go.  A Boerboel is also a dog of stunning beauty. Statuesque, regal, graceful, and proud comes to mind as they patrol their turf. Best of all, they do not drool!!!

Conversely, they can be strong willed (mostly the males), same-sex dog aggressive/dominant, and aggressive towards strangers. Boerboels are not for everyone, but for the right people, with the right enviornment, there is not a better breed of dog. 

We will give you all the facts, and ask you many questions to ensure that you are well informed and prepared to embark on a Boerboel journey.

South African Mastiff Sir Nose II: Extremely impressive. A Jazz son & P-Funk grandson.
South African Mastiff Funkadelic: A wonderfully correct Blue Brindle bitch

About Atomic

Over a decade ago we began by being attracted to the Boerboel and then importing several Boerboels from various South African breeders. We selected Boerboels based on our criteria and desires (health, temperament, and a certain look). Boerboel registry played no part in our selections.

The majority of the imports did not meet our requirements and were not used in breeding.  However, after spending a small fortune, we were very fortunate to obtain a few good dogs, which were bred selectively and in the right combinations to produce the wonderful dogs that we have today. With a lot of hard work, lots of patience, lots of money, and some luck, we have now established the "Atomic Bloodline", which is now in the 4th and 5th generations.

We have placed dogs throughout the world; USA, Canada, Mexico, Asia, South America, Europe, and even South Africa. The demand for our Boerboels continues to remain high and has verified that we have been successful in our efforts to produce top-notch, world-class, and unique Boerboels. If you want a classic Boerboel that will be mellow and accepting of strangers; no problem, we have that. Need a hard dog; a no nonsense guard dog to protect family and property; we can provide that also. If you want a truly special dog. Something truly unique, special, orginal, and unlike any other dog in the world; our whitecream Boerboels are for you.

Enjoy the website, and when you are ready to "upgrade" to an Atomic Boerboel, give us a call.

South African Mastiff Bootzilla 3