South African Mastiff
South African Mastiff
ATOMIC BOERBOELS We raise & breed Boerboels, aka South African Mastiffs
ATOMIC BOERBOELS  We raise & breed Boerboels, akaSouth African Mastiffs

Past Atomic All-Stars

Bootzilla II:  One of the best ever!! A huge dog, over 180lbs. But yet conformationally correct. 

P-FUNK:  A true legend. A magnificent dog in both temperament and conformation. Unique in the Boerboel world. (semen maintained)

SIR NOSE:  The mass on this Boerboel was unreal. He was almost as wide as he was tall. Only about 130 lbs., he threw progeny much larger than him self. Another whitecream original. (semen maintained)

Nike: A hard dog. Very dominant and protective. Our perfect temperament, as we like "fire" in our Boerboels at times. We keep her genes alive in our bloodlines for people that desire that top shelve, hard guard dog for property and family.

Layla: What a dog. Fire, in abundance.  Sleep very safe and sound when Layla is on guard.

Muller Lady (Black Lady): Imported from Africa, we owned her for several years. She was real important to the introduction of the Balck Boerboel to the states. A wonderful dog, full of energy and fire.

Sheeba: A Sir Nose x Babylon daughter

Babylon: One big and beautiful bitch. A solid 140 lbs. of guard dog. One of our first and best Boerboels.

Bop: A Sir Nose x Nala daughter

Bootzilla: This was a huge Boerboel.  A Caberet Stratkatt son, he was 190 lbs.

Bootsy: Wonderful black stud that we lost way too soon. He did leave us with a good daughter to continue with our black program.

BlowFly:  Classic junkyard dog. Topnotch guard dog. The only brindle that we have liked enough to buy.

SHEJAM:  SheJam was born here at Atomic Boerboels. A beautiful big, coal black big bitch. She had a couple nice litters for us. She was sold to Spittsvuur Boerboele in South Africa. 


JAZZ:  Layla x P-Funk

**Pups Available**

Young & Older Pups Available

June 2023


"WorldWide Boerboel Presents: Boerboel-The South African Mastiff"

160 pages, color photos, advice, care information, questions & answers, and more! Hardcover or paperback. TO PURCHASE: CLICK ON PICTURE ABOVE.

We are proud members of WorldWide Boerboel League & Registry (WBL&R), a USA based Boerboel organization.

Our pups come with WBL&R eligibility registration papers.

Click on picture above to go to WorldWide Boerboel League.



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