South African Mastiff
South African Mastiff
ATOMIC BOERBOELS We raise & breed Boerboels, aka South African Mastiffs
ATOMIC BOERBOELS  We raise & breed Boerboels, akaSouth African Mastiffs

The Atomic Studs

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 Dawg 2

This big boy brings to mind, a grizzly bear. Pictured at 2 years old, and still filling out. He is really mind blowing. Ridiculous head, stout, robust, with an extremely wide torso. Pictures really don't convey his true mass and presence.


So nice, he carries the Kennel name. Pictured here at only 14 months.  A large dog, heavy boned and  muscled. Massive head, with plenty of Wow Factor. A One of a kind Boerboel, and the color is just icing.


Outstanding Boerboel specimen. A Large dog with very thick head, bone, and feet. Well muscled, and moves very light for a big dog (175ish). A topnotch guard, with a big attitude. Confidence at its finest!


A very stout and correct young stud.  A Royal Bengal  x Barack son. 

Sir Nose 3

This guy is really really densely muscled, and big boned. Perfect height to legnth ratio, with the biggest feet we have ever seen on a Boerboel. An Undisco son that is something special.

P-Funk 4

Bootzilla 3

Simply put: A Beast!!  175+ pounds of mass and muscle. We call him BigHead here on the ranch. A real visitor favorite.



Ali 2



Will be the future. A young Stud with tons of promise. Everything is as it should be. He is a large, tall Boerboel, with heavy bone and feet.

Aqua Boogie

A Barack son. This blue guy is just a year old, and a very lanky bigfoot specimen. Looks to be shaping up nicely.

**Pups Available**

Young & Older Pups Available

June 2023


"WorldWide Boerboel Presents: Boerboel-The South African Mastiff"

160 pages, color photos, advice, care information, questions & answers, and more! Hardcover or paperback. TO PURCHASE: CLICK ON PICTURE ABOVE.

We are proud members of WorldWide Boerboel League & Registry (WBL&R), a USA based Boerboel organization.

Our pups come with WBL&R eligibility registration papers.

Click on picture above to go to WorldWide Boerboel League.



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