South African Mastiff
South African Mastiff
ATOMIC BOERBOELS We raise & breed Boerboels, aka South African Mastiffs
ATOMIC BOERBOELS  We raise & breed Boerboels, akaSouth African Mastiffs

The Atomic Studs

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So nice, he carries the Kennel name. Pictured here at only 14 months.  A large dog, heavy boned and  muscled. Massive head, with plenty of Wow Factor. A One of a kind Boerboel, and the color is just icing.


Outstanding Boerboel specimen. A Large dog with very thick head, bone, and feet. Well muscled, and moves very light for a big dog (175ish). A topnotch guard, with a big attitude. Confidence at its finest!


A very stout and correct young stud.  A Royal Bengal  x Barack son. 

Sir Nose 3

This guy is really really densely muscled, and big boned. Perfect height to legnth ratio, with the biggest feet we have ever seen on a Boerboel. An Undisco son that is something special.


One of the best ever. He is going on 6 now, but he has left us with many of his offspring.  Some of them are his equal or better. What a dog!!

Bootzilla 3

Simply put: A Beast!!  175+ pounds of mass and muscle. We call him BigHead here on the ranch. A real visitor favorite.




Indeed.  A real special Boerboel. A large, powerfully built stud, with one of the best chests you will ever see on a dog. A wonderful breeder and well represented here with progeny headed into the future.


Will be the future. A young Stud with tons of promise. Everything is as it should be. He is a large, tall Boerboel, with heavy bone and feet.

 Dawg 2

This big boy brings to mind, a grizzly bear. Pictured at 12 months old, he is really mind blowing. Ridiculous head stout, robust, extremely wide torso. Pictures really don't convey his true mass and presence.

Aqua Boogie

A Barack son. This blue guy is just a year old, and a very lanky bigfoot specimen. Looks to be shaping up nicely.

**Pups Available**


"WorldWide Boerboel Presents: Boerboel-The South African Mastiff"

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We are proud members of WorldWide Boerboel League & Registry (WBL&R), a USA based Boerboel organization.

Our pups come with WBL&R eligibility registration papers.

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