The Atomic Studs

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BOOTZILLA II: Platinum / 28 inches / 175 lbs.

A Sir Nose x Babylon son. One of the best Boerboels in the world by any standard. A very large dog, with the correctness usually found only on the smaller specimens. He has a large perfect head to go along with his very wide and symmetrical straight frame. Everything is finished and polished. An example of size, substance, and correctness displayed in wonderful balance. A truly impressive Boerboel. 

SIR NOSE II:  Platinum / 29 inches /195 lbs. @ 3 yrs.

A Jazz son, Nose is a very large Boerboel. Heavily boned and thickly muscled. Notice the extreme forearms. Despite his large size, he maintains a conformational correctness. He is well balanced, regal appearing, with a strong neck, perfect head, and an extremely well pigmented classic black muzzle.  Confident, protective, and biddable